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Direct lightning strikes can cause damage to structures, equipment, and occupants by inducing fast transient overvoltage into the power system.

Protect your residential, commercial, or industrial building with J & G Lightning Protection INC's lightning protection, grounding, surge protection, and risk assessment services. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we offer the implementation of guaranteed safety services and mechanisms that protect your structure from harm.

Discover suitable lightning protection solutions for your property

Lightning Protection

J & G Lightning Protection INC offers purpose-driven lightning protection systems to safeguard properties and personnel. We provide complete lightning protection services, from design and installation to inspection and testing. With decades of experience, we bring a systematic approach to each project, from pre-planning to final certification of an installed system.

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We provide top-notch grounding services designed to prevent lightning strike surges.

Our team offers a comprehensive grounding system that ensures all current-carrying conductors and systems are connected to non-conductive materials and the earth. We create a highly efficient route for excess electricity to take, which prevents arcing, damage, or injury in the event of a surge.

If you have any questions about our grounding solutions, don't hesitate to give us a call. We're always happy to help!

Surge Protection

In case of a lightning strike, it's important to note that the majority of damaging events are actually caused by power switching transients. These are sudden surges of voltage that occur when inductive loads like motors, air conditioning plants, domestic appliances, and even office equipment such as photocopiers are switched off.

To ensure that a facility and its occupants are protected from these electrical disturbances, J & G Lightning Protection INC implements a coordinated surge protection system. We supply solutions that protect data and communication systems and AC power feeders.

Our comprehensive surge protection scheme protects structures, industrial and commercial operations, and personnel from the damaging effects of lightning strikes, building systems, and other switching events. Whether it's for building power or low-voltage applications, our team has the expertise to install a surge protection scheme that will keep your property secure.

Risk Assessment

We are pleased to offer full-scale lightning risk assessments. Our team utilizes the NFPA-approved methodology to perform thorough evaluations. We conduct risk assessments taking into account a wide range of factors, including the absolute need for protection.

We assess whether your facility requires lightning protection based on:

  • Statutory regulations
  • Operational importance
  • Reliability considerations
  • Problematic factors
  • High-exposure
  • High-consequence
  • Limited accessibility
  • High-visibility
  • Significant investment

Our risk assessment is designed to assist building owners, safety professionals, and architects/engineers in determining the risk of damage or injury due to lightning.

J & G Lightning Protection INC Offers Solutions for Your Building's Lightning Protection Needs

J & G Lightning Protection INC supplies turnkey lightning protection solutions that are technically and economically sound. We have over four decades of experience designing and installing lightning protection systems for various properties. All our services are based purely on solid, well-grounded science with various control and testing systems to monitor our work progress and quality!

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