At J & G Lightning Protection INC, we specialize in comprehensive lightning protection, grounding, surge protection, and risk assessment services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. With a track record of thousands of successful projects, we ensure your property's safety with our proven protection solutions. Explore the right protection for your property with us.

Lightning Protection

J & G Lightning Protection INC delivers specialized lightning protection systems, ensuring safety for properties and people. Our comprehensive services include design, installation, inspection, and testing. Leveraging decades of experience, we adopt a methodical approach to each project, covering everything from initial planning to the final certification of installed systems.


We specialize in premium grounding services to safeguard against lightning strike surges. Our expert team designs a thorough grounding system, connecting conductors and systems to non-conductive materials and earth. This creates an efficient path for excess electricity during a surge, preventing arcing, damage, and injury.

Risk Assessment

We proudly provide comprehensive lightning risk assessments using NFPA-approved methods. Our team conducts detailed evaluations, considering various factors to determine the absolute need for protection.

Surge Protection

J & G Lightning Protection INC excels in implementing coordinated surge protection systems to shield facilities and occupants from electrical disturbances. We offer solutions safeguarding data, communication systems, and AC power feeders. Our extensive surge protection scheme protects buildings, industrial and commercial operations, and personnel from damage due to lightning strikes and other events. Our team expertly installs surge protection for any application, ensuring your property's security.

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