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Ensure your property's lightning protection systems work the way they should with J & G Lightning Protection INC. Our certified technicians provide a thorough and streamlined system inspection service adhering to LPI and UL regulations.

Whether you manage a residential, commercial, or industrial property, don't allow your lightning protection system to weather time without periodic inspections. Call on us for routine inspections so you can be confident your system will protect you in your time of need.

Your Lightning Protection System Inspection Starts Here

Routine Lightning Protection System Inspections (LPS)

Following North American lightning protection standards, it's recommended to have most lightning protection systems inspected every one to two years. However, more frequent inspections are highly recommended if your system safeguards explosives, flammables, or mission-critical facilities.

Here, we give you a list of instances when our lightning protection inspections are necessitated:

  • Once the installation has been completed.
  • Upon relocation of system supporting components.
  • If damaged system components have been discovered.
  • In case of high wind events, major electrical storms, earthquakes, or other occurrences that may impact the system.
  • If the underlying protected structures require expanding or reconfiguring the LPS to provide adequate coverage periodically.
  • In the event of modification, expansion, addition, or other changes to the protected structure(s) that requires disturbing the system.

It's also a good idea to have the systems checked following known lightning discharge occurrences or extreme changes in ambient temperatures.

When it's time to schedule an inspection, engage with our certified inspectors at J & G Lightning Protection INC to assess your LPS and maintain its longevity.

Documenting Lightning Protection System Maintenance Programs

If any discrepancies are identified during our inspection, you should establish a maintenance program immediately to repair them. We recommend that the maintenance considerations mirror the criteria contained in our inspection program. Be sure to keep complete records of all maintenance procedures and routines and any corrective actions taken.

Sufficient record-keeping can provide a means of evaluating system components and their installation and serve as a foundation for reviewing maintenance procedures, future inspections, and updating any preventive maintenance programs.

Whether you require inspection or maintenance services, J & G Lightning Protection INC is available to assist you with the upkeep of your lightning protection system.

Lightning Protection System Inspection Process

To help you make educated decisions on your inspection needs and frequency, we are sharing our inspection protocol preview below. During our detailed inspections, our specialists will do the following:

  • Confirm that the system is in good standing and that all components are in good condition, securely attached, and connected as designed and installed initially.
  • Check for any changes or modifications to the system.
  • Ensure there are no loose connections that might result in high-resistance joints.
  • Verify that no part of the system has been weakened by corrosion or vibration.
  • Ensure all down conductors and grounding electrodes are intact.
  • Make sure all system components and conductors are fastened to their mounting surfaces and protected against accidental mechanical displacement as required.
  • Check for any alterations or additions to the protected structure that would call for additional or modified protection.
  • Inspect for any visual indication of damage to surge suppression devices.
  • Verify that the system complies with the applicable standards.

Enlist our team for an inspection that runs like clockwork and gives you confidence in your system functions.

Partner with J & G Lightning Protection INC for Detailed Lightning Protection System Inspections

J & G Lightning Protection INC is a UL-Listed and LPI-Certified company that is ready and geared to perform inspections on your property. Whether your installation was undertaken by us or another company, we can conduct regular evaluations to keep your systems working effectively. With the backing of our expertise, our inspections are detailed and accurate to a fault.

Get peace of mind knowing your lightning protection systems are in excellent order to defend your premises by partnering with our team – phone (412) 795-5748 to connect with us.

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