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Given the complexity of today's building projects, lightning protection must be integrated into the design process as early as possible.

J & G Lightning Protection INC collaborates with architects and contractors to develop lightning protection systems that not only adhere to UL, NFPA, and LPI codes but also preserve the aesthetic qualities of the building. Our team also creates custom designs and details that can be supplied in the builder's preferred format.

Whether you require lightning protection for a new construction project or are retrofitting an existing building, get in touch with our design department for a stable solution to protect your property against lightning damage.

Design Considerations During Consultation

Before designing a protection mechanism, we conduct a site evaluation and consultation to determine the project's parameters. When creating a lightning protection system, there are several considerations that our team makes a point to collect, including:

  • The Building Structure - Our design team will keep in mind the structure of the building, including its height, shape, and materials, during our process.
  • The Electrical and Plumbing Systems - Your system will be designed to protect the electrical and plumbing systems in the building, as these systems are particularly vulnerable to damage from lightning strikes.
  • The Surrounding Landscape - Our design will consider the surrounding landscape, including the presence of tall trees or other structures that could increase the risk of lightning strikes.
  • Cost - Our team will work closely with you to create a design that matches your goals and budget.

J & G Lightning Protection INC offers free estimates to create a design for your property, so you take on no risk by seeking a consultation with us.

Custom Lightning Protection System Designs

Every property has unique lightning protection needs. Hence their solution needs to be just as distinct. J & G Lightning Protection INC offers customized design services tailored to your building's specifications. Our professionals work alongside you to capture and encapsulate your needs in a comprehensive solution that adds value to your facility.

Lightning Protection System Design Process

  • We begin the design process with a no-cost technical consultation and risk assessment, which may be conducted based on the client's photos, drawings, and building plans. This initial assessment provides us with the basic information we need to offer protection recommendations and design a solution that fits your facility's needs.
  • Once we have performed the risk assessment and collected accurate data, we determine the degree of protection your property requires. We offer several options based on whether specified zones need external protection, your structure requires internal and surge protection or your building needs both internal and external security.
  • Then, we move on to the design study. We specify the level of protection for each zone and provide general diagrams for the Surge Protection Devices (SPD) in different Lightning Protection Zones. We will identify them in accordance with industry-standard guidelines and requirements.
  • Next, a site survey and testing are conducted by our safety engineer. This design stage includes all aspects of risk analysis to produce detailed engineering drawings and system specifications. Our testing involves an advanced protection ground audit system for practical recommendations to improve your grounding system and lightning safety.
  • Finally, we complete the installation and setup process. After the design is finalized, our team performs the complete installation service.

With our personalized approach, you can trust that your facility will be well-protected against lightning strikes and electrical surges.

Let J & G Lightning Protection INC Design Your Lightning Protection Solutions

Our team specializes in developing well-designed lightning protection systems incorporating key elements that work together to create a safe pathway to the earth, enabling lightning currents to dissipate effectively and protecting the structure from damage.

With over 40 years of experience providing lightning protection designs and installations, J & G Lightning Protection INC has the expertise to design a solution that meets your facility's technical requirements and ensures complete protection from lightning strikes.

Contact us at (412) 795-5748 to learn about our lightning protection system design services.

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