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Guarantee the effectiveness of your lightning protection systems with J & G Lightning Protection INC. Our team of certified technicians conducts comprehensive and efficient system inspections, fully compliant with LPI and UL standards.

For residential, commercial, or industrial properties, regular inspections are crucial to maintain your lightning protection system's integrity.

What we do

Routine Lightning Protection System Inspections (LPS)

Adhering to North American lightning protection standards, lightning protection systems generally need inspections every one to two years. For systems protecting against explosives, flammables, or critical facilities, more frequent checks are advised. When scheduling an inspection, contact our certified inspectors at J & G Lightning Protection INC to evaluate and maintain the longevity of your LPS

When Routine Lightning Protection Inspection Are Needed

1. Once the installation has been completed.

2. Upon relocation of system supporting components.

3. In case of high wind events, major electrical storms, earthquakes, or other occurrences that may impact the system.

4. If damaged system components have been discovered.

Work With J & G Lightning Protection INC for Comprehensive Inspections of Your Lightning Protection System.

Lightning Protection System Inspection Process

  1. Assess the system's overall condition, ensuring all components are well-maintained, securely attached, and connected as per the original design and installation.

  2. Inspect for any system changes or modifications.

  3. Check for loose connections that could cause high-resistance joints.

  4. Examine the system for any signs of corrosion or damage from vibration.

  5. Confirm the integrity of all down conductors and grounding electrodes.

  6. Ensure all components and conductors are securely fastened to their mounts and safeguarded against accidental displacement as necessary.

  7. Look for any structural changes or additions to the protected building that might require updated or additional protection.

  8. Check for any visible damage to surge suppression devices.

  9. Confirm that the system adheres to all relevant standards.

Documenting Lightning Protection System Maintenance Programs

Should our inspection reveal any discrepancies, it's crucial to initiate a maintenance program promptly to address these issues. We advise that your maintenance approach reflects the standards outlined in our inspection program. Maintaining detailed records of all maintenance activities, routines, and corrective measures is essential. Thorough record-keeping not only helps in assessing system components and their installation but also forms the basis for revising maintenance strategies, future inspections, and enhancing preventive maintenance programs.

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