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Located in Eighty Four servicing Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and surrounding areas

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J & G Lightning Protection INC

Privately Owned and Quality-Minded Since 1978

J & G Lightning Protection INC is a comprehensive lightning protection provider serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our wide-ranging services cover consulting, design and engineering, manufacturing, and installation dedicated to surge suppression, grounding, and lightning protection.

Connect with our competent crew for a durable solution that safeguards your property against lightning damage!

Secure Protection Against Lightning Strikes

All kinds of structures can suffer extensive damage from lightning storms that occur nearby or directly strike them. Such instances can cause electrical shutdowns, compromise essential systems and data, and even risk the safety of the occupants.

Our cutting-edge developments and expertise in the science behind lightning strikes inform our superior lightning protection offerings, including products, services, and recommendations. With the help of our knowledgeable solutions, we aim to reduce the risk of harm to your property and personnel.

Enlist our robust team to help you mitigate lightning contact and its consequences on your premises.

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We Offer a Full Suite of Lightning Protection Services

Lightning strikes can have devastating effects on a property. J & G Lightning Protection INC understands this better than anyone.

To counter this issue, we facilitate a complete range of lightning protection services, including:

  • Lightning protection system design and installation
  • Lightning protection system testing and maintenance
  • Surge protection system installation and testing
  • Grounding system design and installation
  • Lightning risk assessment
  • And more

From the initial planning stages to the final project completion, we maintain superior quality standards to provide you with a lightning protection system that stands the test of time. Our team is available to provide guidance and advice on suitable lightning protection configurations and complementary services depending on your requirements.

How J & G Lightning Protection INC Offers Lightning Protection

Our team is composed of a group of highly skilled engineers, designers, installers, and project managers who collaborate to deliver services that are guaranteed to safeguard your property.

We have accumulated over four decades of expertise to enhance our techniques and offerings for a stable solution. When you call us, we schedule an on-site evaluation of the property and discuss our lightning protection services with the client. Our experts explain our solutions and work diligently to create a customized lightning protection plan that meets client-specific needs and benefits their property, possessions, and people.

Speak to our crew for a guaranteed solution to overcome your property's risks from lightning strikes.

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Choose J & G Lightning Protection INC for Your Lightning Protection

J & G Lightning Protection INC is dedicated to providing our clients with the most exceptional lightning protection solutions available in the region. Our team leverages a wealth of industry knowledge to deliver dependable designs and installations that meet and exceed client expectations.

We utilize the latest technology and premium materials to create sturdy offerings. All of our designs, structural systems, and components conform to the rigorous requirements of LPI, NFPA, and UL standards. You will find our extensive product line and systems complemented by unrivaled customer service and assistance for a full-fledged solution.

Don't wait until it's too late to protect your building from lightning strikes. Contact us at (412) 795-5748 to learn more about J & G Lightning Protection INC's lightning protection services and secure your property's safety today.

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