Lightning Protection Design with J & G

In today's complex building projects, integrating lightning protection early in the design process is essential.

J & G Lightning Protection INC works with architects and contractors to craft systems that comply with UL, NFPA, and LPI codes while maintaining the building's aesthetics. Our team also offers custom designs in the builder's preferred format.

  1. Building Structure: Our design team focuses on the building's height, shape, and materials to tailor the protection system.

  2. Electrical and Plumbing Systems: We design to shield these critical systems, highly susceptible to lightning damage.

  3. Surrounding Landscape: The design

    accounts for nearby tall trees or structures that heighten lightning strike risks.

  4. Cost: We collaborate with you to develop a solution that aligns with your financial plan and objectives.

Design Process With J & G

Our design process starts with a free technical consultation and risk assessment using your provided materials. This step informs our protective recommendations and custom solutions.

Post-risk assessment, we evaluate your property's protection needs, offering options for external, internal, and surge protection as required.

In the design study, we define protection levels for each zone and create SPD diagrams, aligning with industry standards.

Our safety engineer then conducts a site survey and testing, involving a ground audit system for detailed engineering plans and improving lightning safety.

Finally, we move to installation. After finalizing the design, our team completes the installation, ensuring thorough protection for your property.

Custom Lightning Protection System Designs

Each property requires a unique lightning protection approach. J & G Lightning Protection INC provides personalized design services suited to your building's specific needs. Our experts collaborate with you to create a solution that not only meets your requirements but also enhances your facility's value.

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